Покрытие доски 10×10

Докажите, что шахматную доску 10×10 нельзя покрыть фигурками следующего вида:

Покрытие шахматной доски 10x10

Ответ: Каждая фигурка указанного вида покрывает три клетки одного цвета и одну клетку другого (три клетки чёрного цвета и одну белого, либо наоборот). Поскольку всего на шахматной доске чёрных и белых клеток поровну, то количество фигурок, содержащих три белые клетки и одну чёрную, должно совпадать с количеством фигурок, содержащих три чёрные клетки и одну белую. Следовательно, общее количество фигурок должно быть чётным. Однако это невозможно, так как общее количество фигурок - 25.

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откуда это "так как общее количество фигурок - 25."?!

На доске всего 100 клеток, одна фигурка занимает 4 клетки. Вот и считай (с)

100? Не 64 клетки, нет?

Внимательно читать условие надо!!!

Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is likewise known, is an essential

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Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is extra frequently recognized, is one of numerous

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Also referred to as CBD, this material is generated by the very same glands as THC, which is the major part in marijuana.

It is not an intoxicating medication like THC, the long-term results on the human body might consist of damaged

judgment, sychronisation and also memory, according to the

Canadian Discomfort Facility. Along with being made use of to deal

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a treatment for epilepsy, anxiety, chronic pain, queasiness, chemotherapy,

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Numerous medical professionals have reported favorable outcomes, including minimizing or

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By helping clients handle their signs and symptoms,

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Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, is believed to be the most vital plant for epilepsy.

However, it is still largely unknown what triggers the seizures in seizure clients and also why

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Current researches have actually shown that CBD can assist

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В условии упоминание про шахматную доску вообще надо было убрать. Тогда решение с привлечением шахматной доски было бы чем-то особо гениальным. А так - прямо в условии даётся подсказка, что снижает уровень сложности интересной задачи. Так или иначе, не понятно, почему такими фигурками нельзя покрыть именно шахматную доску. А одноцветную, получается, можно, что ли?

привет всем~~~

Кстати шахматоую доску можно покрыт~~~

Минимальный площадь это 4х4~~~

Причем тут шахматная доска ..

А шашечный нельзя что ли ~ и причем тут разные цвета доски~~~

Любой прямоугольник со сторонами 4 m x 4n 

Можно покрыт булыжниками вот такой фигуры 

И жругого варианта на этом глобусе не может быть,,,,,

А что еси было 20 х10  то можно при таком мышлении,,,,,, неть и неть,,,(10 не=4m)


А так при шахматном покраске доски (мысленно) можно конкретно для этого случая (если нет дрегих знании или ремеслов),

Что нечётное чисьло фигур никак не поместится ни какой площадье

Просто формулировка задачи не корекное 

((решение можно упоминуть  ,преставте под шахмат украшенную доску))####

Спосибо всем Вам .....

Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, is a new compound that has shown guarantee for treating

patients with persistent pain. It was originally discovered by accident: in 1940, a drug store uncovered that including a substance to a

marijuana bud can cause a full cessation of nerve signals in the brain, hence permitting a client

struggling with extreme pain to ease his or her suffering by quiting

the nerve signals being boosted. This exploration caused the study of CBD, which

when used as a remove from the marijuana plant, has been found to efficiently ease discomfort with no side effects.

Due to these promising outcomes, researchers are now investigating CBD for its possible usage in dealing

with a selection of ailments.

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Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, is a brand-new substance that has actually shown promise

for treating individuals with chronic discomfort.

It was initially found by mishap: in 1940, a drug store uncovered that including

a material to a marijuana bud can cause a full cessation of nerve signals in the

brain, thus allowing a patient struggling with serious discomfort to ease his/her suffering by stopping the nerve signals being boosted.

This exploration caused the research of CBD, which when used

as an extract from the cannabis plant, has been discovered

to properly eliminate pain without any side effects.

As a result of these promising results, researchers are now researching CBD for

its possible use in dealing with a range of ailments.

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В условии задачи не написано, что фигурки не могут накладываться. Не уточняется, что клетка фигурки соответствует клетке доски. Не написано, что каждая фигурка должна покрывать ровно четыре клетки доски.

Т.е. Вы хотите сказать, что доску допускается завалить "Т"-фигурками как листопадом, но при этом просится доказать, что это невозможно?

Условие задачи неточно. Да, без уточнений, получается, что доску покрыть фигурками можно. Даже и в один слой, но чтоб фигурки могли выступать за край доски.

Cannabidiol or CBD is the lesser-known of all the recognized cannabis substances.

Cannabidiol is unidentified phytochemicals, found in 1940.

It makes up more than 40% of the whole plant's complete completely dry essence

as well as is one of the most important plant components

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clinical cannabis market, extremely little is known regarding this impressive

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Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is likewise known, is an important ingredient in herbal

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День добрый!
Я Диана, сео-аналитик крупной компании.
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Я могу нарастить ссылочную массу, поднять низкочастотные запросы.
Если вам это интересно. то напишите мне на почту:

10×10 это не шахматная доска. А шахматную, покрыть такими фигурами можно.

Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, is starting to see its

growing popularity as a natural medicine that can be made use of for a range of disorders in both people as

well as pets. The advantages of this oil are being looked

for by individuals that use it for persistent discomfort, to decrease the results of chemotherapy,

as well as to ease the negative effects of joint inflammation. Even though CBD has not been located to be an effective treatment for any type of disease in these areas, it does use various other medical advantages.

The oil has an unique sort of fat called linoleic acid,

which is just one of the fats that are discovered in the brain as well as

spinal cord, and also is believed to help reduced cholesterol as well as blood sugar degrees.

Various other benefits from CBD may be discovering exactly how to boost memory, activity rate, as well as ease nausea as well as vomiting, according to recent researches.

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Вообще-то, петух яйца не снесёт) 

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the most vital materials in marijuana,

and it is responsible for the restorative residential properties found

in the marijuana plant. Cannabidiol is additionally referred to as CBD,

or cannabidiol. Cannabidiol has actually been commonly recognized for years, and

has been the subject of several scientific research studies.

Due to the fact that CBD is an exceptionally important as well as

valuable material for medical use, it is not generally easily accessible in recreational

marijuana. Nonetheless, new methods are being developed to generate CBD for

usage in products presently under growth.

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Cannabidiol or CBD oil is an amazing little plant that has been made use of in Africa for hundreds of years.

It is the most effective marijuana yet has really little THC, which is the compound that is

discovered in marijuana. This fantastic little plant

has acquired a great deal of popularity over the previous number

of years and is now obtaining more locations as individuals are beginning to realize its recovery residential properties.

There are no recognized adverse effects from using this oil and also there are only a few minor adverse things that might happen if you take it orally like if you

have high blood pressure or ulcers. If you intend to take

CBD oil, you ought to understand that it is considered an Arrange II medicine, which means that you need a

prescription for it.

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CBD or Cannabidiol is an extremely fascinating medication since it is entirely untapped and the oil

is extracted from an additional plant that does not add to global

warming in any way! It has been found to be really efficient in treating many types of

illness such as arthritis, depression, anxiousness, queasiness, epilepsy, impotence as well as a lot more.

The oil is derived from the marijuana plant and also

has been utilized for years in the United States, in Mexico, in Canada, in Russia and

many European nations.

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Cannabidiol, additionally known as CBD, is a lipophlic photo-cannabinoid located in Michigan. It's one of the minority of all known cannabinoids and

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The other two phytochemicals are both unknown. Despite the

absence of understanding regarding its wellness benefits,

the only factor many individuals take CBD is because

it's used in the treatment of chronic discomfort. If you need to know even more regarding CBD, read on ...

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